About Us

Established the UNION CENTER FOR MEDIA TRAINING of UCM as an institution specializing in the field of rehabilitation and training in order to hold programs and courses of training and development for staff of public and private sector, and that the importance of the development of human resources and skills development and increase awareness and knowledge in various fields, which will reflect positively on the performance of the employees and their effectiveness at work and thus the development of the institution and activate its role , the center also focuses on holding forums and conferences specialized international

depends UNION CENTER FOR MEDIA TRAINING of UCM education curriculum and vocational training, and that the contribution of a group of international experts working in the field of training and rehabilitation.

• Hold the UNION CENTER FOR MEDIA TRAINING of UCM cooperation agreements with Arab institutions and specialized international guarantees to provide the center with more rehabilitation and training programs modernity, modern, and more experts and trainers and technicians experienced in our magazines as the center was able to attract the finest trainers and professionals.

The Centre has adopted a strategy of training and rehabilitation and development based on the pairing between the theoretical and professional and between the global and the local.

Lebanon Centre for training and development